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Underwater LED Light for Pool Party

Underwater LED Light for Pool Party

Compared with using traditional bulbs, one way of saving energy efficiency of your home is to change as many lights as possible to the LED, technologically whose bulbs reach 45,000 hours of lifespan and facilitate savings up to 85%.

Before, halogens played this role, but the future belongs to LED, which has many advantages over other options:

- Its technology improves steadily.
-It offers greater energy efficiency, lower consumption and maintenance, high reliability and much longer life of your lamps.
- Prices are much more competitive.
- There are more and more varieties of LED light: cold, semi-warm, warm, RGB or RGBW.
The RGB LED Lights (red, green, blue) now allow you to change color and create spectacular sequences that will change the atmosphere of your pool at any time you want.

The quality of the materials decides your savings.
Of course, not all the lights are the same, nor do they give the same performance, nor do they offer the same durability.
You must opt  for brands of recognized quality and with guarantees to avoid problems and not have to regret early substitutions of equipment for failures.

It is also important that you look at the temperature of the bulb, which determines its efficiency and useful life. The higher it is, the more likely it is that problems will arise.

Another thing to keep in mind is the luminous efficiency of your equipment, determined by the number of lumens per watt used (the higher this ratio, the more efficient and cost-effective the device will be).
Different LED lights installations
The underwater lights are the queens of this party: they go directly inside the glass of the pool, being submerged. Therefore, the installation must be totally sealed to avoid electrical accidents.
Recessed LED Light: for pools with pre-installation.

Surface Mounted LED Light: fixed to the wall and connected to the transformer and to an outlet through a visible cable.

The outdoor lights complement the lighting of the pool by focusing on the surroundings of the pool, such as the ground and other areas of the garden.
Comfort stands at the first place of all.
If you can invest in a device that has a built-in modulator and remote control, you will enjoy the luxury of changing the visual configuration of your aquatic environment from the palm of your hand.

You can even opt for high-end installations with computerized digital regulation, which allow you to program on and off, and even synchronize the lights with music, something spectacular to relax or enjoy a party in style.

We are the leading manufacturer of pool lighting, and we are confident to provide customers with first-class underwater lighting solutions.

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