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SMD Wall Mounted LED Pool Light SMD Wall Mounted LED Pool Light SMD Wall Mounted LED Pool Light SMD Wall Mounted LED Pool Light SMD Wall Mounted LED Pool Light

SMD Wall Mounted LED Pool Light

HJ6003S to save energy and secure 12V LED swimming pool lights can be widely used in various pool. 16 colors changing make your pool a place of color and light.
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    Guangdong, China
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    Trim Ring Options: Blue/White
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    Shipped in 15 days after payment
Product Details

SMD Wall Mounted LED pool light

SMD Wall Mounted LED pool light

IP Rating: IP68

Operating Voltage: AC 12V
Body Material: Stainless Steel 316L
Input Frequency (Hz): 50 ~ 60 Hz
Color Temperature (K) : 
Warm White: 2600-2800K  
Nature White: 4000-4500K 
Pure White: 6000-6500K  
Wave Length (nm) R: 620-625nm / G: 522-525nm / B: 465-467nm
Beam Angle: 15°/30°/45°/60°/90°
Constant Driver : Yes
Over-current Protection : Yes
Operating Temperature (℃) : -20℃~ +40℃
RGB Control Methods: External Control
Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Warranty Period: 3 years

RGB  Control  Options:

1. Auto Change and Selecting Color Mode

Any of the 16 modes can be selected with the ON/OFF switch of your pool lights.

2. Remote Control

7 static colors, 5 cycling modes, 10 speeds, 100% synchronization.

3. WIFI Control

Phone, Pad compatible and DIY modes

4. RGB & RGBW External Control

100% synchronization change of brightness, speed and modes.

Company Advantage:

TeamWe are an efficient professional team, design, development, customization as one.

Technology: Our company has RDM/DMX technique. All DMX/RDM drivers are also designed and made out by our technical team.

Experience: Our company has more than 10 years of overseas business experience. We have different customs regulations in different countries and also have good shipping agency services.  

After-sale Service: We have an efficient after-sales service system. We completely committe to solving all the after-sales problems.


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We are the leading manufacturer of pool lighting, and we are confident to provide customers with first-class underwater lighting solutions.

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