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GZ Waking Pool Light Co., Ltd. has plans to aid the construction of Hope Elementary School in 2021

A considerable number of primary and secondary school buildings in rural areas in China are not of high quality, especially schools in the central and western regions still have dangerous buildings to varying degrees, and many schools in areas where natural disasters are prone to occur are still subject to major safety hazards. The schools retained after the adjustment of the education layout have expanded the scale of students, and some schools have the dilemma of large classes, large-scale sleeping shops, and no canteens for meals. There is an urgent need for new, modified (expanded) teaching rooms, student dorms, canteens and other teaching and living facilities The village schools and teaching points (small-scale schools) reserved after the adjustment by the Ministry of Education are mostly one teacher and one school. The school premises are old and dilapidated. The conditions are very poor, and new, modified (expanded) constructions are urgently needed to improve education and teaching facilities.

GZ Waking Pool Light Co., Ltd. has plans to aid the construction of Hope Elementary School in 2021, which will improve the running conditions of rural elementary schools, let students bid farewell to old and crowded school buildings, study and live on a safe, spacious and bright campus, accept the concept of public welfare, and promote physical and mental health To improve the academic level; it will drive the local government's investment in basic education in poor areas and improve school management and teaching standards; it will arouse the whole society's continuous concern and funding enthusiasm for rural primary schools in old, young, border, and poor areas.

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