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Pool Lighting for Spring Night


Spring is coming! Since March 21, it is the ideal season to put back its exteriors in excellent condition. The mild temperatures reappear, sunny afternoons will allow to enjoy the garden. It is then a perfect period for the cleaning of the swimming pool, to check the operation of the lights and systems of filtrations, to arrange the surroundings of the basin and to update the security.

Whether decorative or functional, LED pool lighting is very important!

First function: security

Providing lighting in and out of the pool makes the water area visible and delineates its contours with powerful lighting. Be careful not to position the pool lights too low. The resultant shadowing would be dangerous because it would make invisible the edges of the pool.

Flush-mounted fixtures or projectors used outside the water must not dazzle. There too, a blindness caused by too much light could cause a person to fall.

It should also be known that to reduce the risk of falling, it is imperative to highlight all obstacles. Ornamental status, decorative objects, unevenness, everything must be visible.

Second function: decoration

What is obvious at night when the pool is illuminated, is the beauty of the pool. The sun is down and we discover a beautiful skylight!

With the possibility of creating different moods, the LED pool light can now be multicolored (spot LED pool color) and be equipped with a remote control to choose the color of light from a distance.

It is easy to highlight a pool with these surroundings. For multiple effects, consider using different powers of light to illuminate a waterfall, the steps of the pool etc.

Lighting also the surroundings of the basin ensures an enhancement of the entire set. The garden reveals all its splendor.

Which pool light bulb to use?

First of all, whether the pool is under construction or already built, the inserts positioned in the wall can be changed. This allows you to switch to LED for example and save money on your energy bill.

It should be known that the highest protection rating of pool light is IP68. And the voltage should not exceed 12V for a safety issue.

For the interior of the pool, recessed pool light to be fixed in the walls allow the main lighting of the pool.

For so-called above-ground pools, which may have a wooden tower, their lighting is done by a projecting LED pool light (wall mounted LED pool light, warm white). That is to say, the projector is provided with a support to be fixed on the wall. Its installation is very simple and it provides lighting as efficient as a traditional pool.

To illuminate stairs, it is possible to use a pool floor insert, similar to conventional floor inserts. Each step will benefit from a small beam of light that will secure entry into the water.

If you have the chance to enjoy a waterfall in the pool, do not hesitate to put this item in value! For example, use fiber optics.

Because the light itself is a decorative element, directing or integrating it to all these decorations reveals in a very spectacular way the whole garden.

Create or modify pool lighting is now simple and economical thanks to LED technology. Powerful and offering multiple colors, wall mounted pool light, recessed pool light, spotlight and fountain lights are available. Imagine very pleasant colorful atmospheres from your pool at spring night.

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