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What you need to know to light a pool

How to light my pool? That is a question that you often ask us when it comes to giving a touch of light to your pool. Maybe you need to take a night bath and want to have some good spotlights that facilitate visibility, as well as giving your pool an aesthetic touch. Or, you need to have the necessary lighting in a pool that is not outside. Therefore, from Waking Pools, we offer you a basic guide on how to light a pool and what different types of spotlights exist.

How many spotlights do I need to illuminate my pool?

As a general rule, it could be established that we will need a waterproof  LED pool light for every 20 m² of water surface that the pool we want to illuminate has. According to this example, for a pool of 5m x 4m, it would be enough to place a single focus.

How high to install the spotlights?

In order to facilitate the maintenance and possible repairs of the projectors of our pool, the optimal location of the LED underwater light could be 70cm from the top of the pool. At this point, they will correctly illuminate the inside of the pool; In addition, they will always be accessible from outside the pool and it will not be necessary to empty it completely in order to access them.

Pool near home

If the pool is near your house, it would be convenient to place the spotlights facing away from the residence to avoid glare.

What kind of spotlights exists to illuminate pools?

They can be distinguished and/or classified according to the following factors:

Depending on the type of lamp: Today we can basically find projectors that work with halogen lamps (conventional lighting) and others that work through LEDs (LED lighting).


According to the fixing system: We can also distinguish between those that are embedded in the wall by means of a fixing niche or extra planes that are installed on the surface of the wall.


According to the material of the pool: Another aspect to consider in choosing a spotlight will be the type of pool to which it will be installed. In this way, we will find spotlights for the liner pools and, on the other hand, spotlights for concrete pools.

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