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Types of Pool Light

There are three types of pool lights, LED lights, halogen and incandescent lights. Incandescent bulbs are the same as the standard lights you use in your home and that only provide white light. Halogen lights, on the other hand, are more compact and consume less energy than standard lights, but they also only produce white light.

Instead, LED bulbs are the newest lights on the market and come with many advantages. They are expensive to buy, but cheaper in the long run, since they consume less energy. Some LED lights also have several light colors with different settings.

Halogen: Halogen bulbs have been very popular for spas and swimming pools, which require an excellent way to improve lighting and reduce energy expenditure. They are still used a lot and are still chosen by many users.

Compact fluorescent: Compact fluorescent bulbs consume less energy than normal bulbs and last six times longer. Unfortunately, they are sensitive to turn on and off, so they are prone to fail. In addition, its lighting capacity is not very strong.

LED: LED lights use approximately a quarter of the energy used by a normal bulb, and last 40 times longer. They emit intense and ecological colors, but cost more than a standard bulb. But if energy savings are taken into account, they become the most profitable option.


The watts in the lights is the amount of energy needed for its operation. LED lights tend to work between 10W and 60W, while other types of lights, such as incandescent lights, operate between 100W to 500W. It means that LED lights are more efficient and reduce long-term electricity expenses.


While incandescent lights have more brightness consuming more energy, LED lights are somewhat more complex. Its system manages to achieve a very bright light with the minimum energy expenditure.

Cable Length

Some lights come with a power cord which must be connected to a power source for it to work. They will come in different lengths from 0.5 meters to 4 meters, or more at times. When you buy your pool light, make sure the cable is long enough to connect to a power source.


Some lights must be installed when the pool is built, or a professional must be hired to install the lighting fixtures on the pool walls. Our wall-mount pool light is so flat that you can simply install them once your pool is built or assembled.

Remote Control

Like the common lights, these can be turned on and off from switches or control boxes, in addition to having color change and programming functions. A light with remote control will facilitate the use of it, without having to approach the switches or control boxes.

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