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A Better Experience with LED Pool Lights


There was a time when a swimming pool was dark and less appealing when the sun had gone down.

Today, it is more the rule than the exception to have light in its pool. Besides looking great in the evening, the desire for an evening or night swim is enhanced.

With pool light, you also get a fantastic effect in your backyard "fairyland", possibly combined with other light in the garden, then you suddenly have a park-like garden that you do not want to go in, in the hot summer nights.

Halogen or LED pool light

There are several solutions within pool light on the market.

Halogen pool light is the solution that has been used most in the past many years. Halogen provides a bright light that can light up your pool.

A halogen bulb holds approximately 1200 hours.  Under optimal conditions, it corresponds to approximately 2 seasons. It is said that halogen gives a soft light with 2800-3000k.

A halogen lamp uses a lot of power when we talk pool light, whose consumption is 100 – 300W. Therefore there can be a lot of money to save by considering a solution with LED.

LED lamps use significantly less power, up to 85% less than halogen.

The LED lamps are more expensive to purchase, but with a durability of up to 50,000 hours (This corresponds to 2083 days when the light is on for 24 hours), so there is not much main reason to see that it is good to consider a LED solution.

With LED, other possibilities also open up, for example. the ability to change your pool's appearance by adding colors to your mood.

At Waking, we engage in producing quality pool light with reasonable price. One of the reasons we continue to grow is our durability and performance.

Waking uses high quality LED chips that keep the bright light for thousands of hours.

If you, for example, have a PAR56 halogen lamp, it is easy to switch to a Waking LED light without much trouble.

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We are the leading manufacturer of pool lighting, and we are confident to provide customers with first-class underwater lighting solutions.

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