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Recessed Pool Light-Vinyl / Liner Pool

Amerlite, the world standard of reliability for underwater lights, features a stainless steel shell, 8-3/8 in. prismatic tempered glass lens, and stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp. Amerlites are UL listed to install in full-sized Pentair Pool Products, American, PacFab and Purex niches.
World standard of reliability
Stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp
Superior light diffusion
Prismatic tempered lens
Low water cutoff
Medium blue lenses available
Plastic snap-on face rings available for stainless steel lights

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LED Application Certificate

Live in a place where rainy days occupy most of the calendar? 
Born in a cold climate where plants need to grow indoor? 
Get confused about getting the proper light for the health growth of plants? 
Don't worry! Oak Leaf LED Grow Lights are here to help!

What light color do I need for plant growth in different stages? 
-Blue light (400-470nm is the proper wavelength) is beneficial for photosynthesis, helping plants grow stronger and healthier stems and leaves. 
-Red light (660nm is the peak wavelength) is responsible for making plant flowers and producing fruit, and also essential to a plant's early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development.
How far should I place the LED Grow Lights? 
The distance between light and plant varies. Here we recommend you to put your hand above the plants for 3-4 minutes. If you don't feel any burning sensation, then you get the proper distance.

What's the proper duration of light? 
Plants need rest periods in order to respire. A common duration of light is 12 hours. So set a timer to remind yourself of turning the light off.


For indoor garden, pot plants, herbs, vegetables, greenhouse plants, etc sprouting, flourishing and blossoming.

For more details:

LED quantity: 12pcs 
Led ratio: 
Red (660 nanometers 3 pieces; 630 nanometers 6 pieces) :Blue(460 nanometers 2 pieces, 430nm 1 piece) 
Wave Length Ratio: 630:460:660=2:1:1 
Socket Type: E27 
Input voltage: AC85-265V
Current: 340-350MA 
Lifespan: 50, 000 hours 
Body material: Aluminum (great heat radiation)+PC+LED 
Size: 5.28*4.76 inches

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