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Do LED lamps save energy?

If you make a proper research, you will find that the incandescent lights are being considered as the most frequently used type of lighting. In comparison to the LED lights they are cheaper but their lifetime is very less. Such lights create light by directly running the electricity via a filament thereby heating up and then slowly glowing white-hot. In fact this a very inefficient procedure to create light because 90% of the energy that is being used is directly turned into heat with just 10% of it turned into light.

The incandescent lights emit maximum heat. If you happen to take an incandescent lamp, it would work for 1,000 hours in average thereby making regular replacements. This not only adds to your maintenance costs but also very tough to reach certain places to fix it. If you make the comparisons and the benefits of LED versus incandescent lighting, you will find that LED lights are always a simple yet best alternative to any florescent or halogen lights. LED lights are known to be as Light Emitting Diodes. The diodes are in fact the semiconductors that conduct the current only in one direction. Such lights use diodes rather than heated filaments or gas to produce light. This kind of lights happens to be the most energy efficient form of illumination.

If you compare the benefits of LED and incandescent, you will find that the advantages of the light emitting diodes are simply endless. They are not only cost effective but energy efficient, durable and many more. This latest technology lights are a great alternative to incandescent or any standard lights.

LED lights Key Features:

Ø  Can use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescent

Ø  Can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent

Ø  Cooler to the touch

Ø  Robust (no filament to break)

Ø  Small LED chips allow for more compact, design-forward fixtures, as well as the illumination in tight areas

LEDs have come to prominence in the market, and the potential for more is at hand. While halogen lamps won’t disappear overnight, more customers are choosing LED, and not just for energy and maintenance savings.

When comparing halogen to LED, it is perhaps most important to remember everything WAKING® can do now that incandescent has gone away.

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