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Good news—new office is ready for use

New office is ready for use, that's the best news I hear this month. We are all very happy that we could have private working space. Because of decoration, we had to share a room with our boss. It's not convenient for us to share our thoughts and talk about some topics.Thank god, we have private space. Of course, welcome you to visit our company and make a deep research of our pool lights.

Ok,let's have a glance at our new working room.

As you see, it's our employee working room on the left when you're in. And there will be a pool built on the center of the room. when you visit our company and pool products, you can put pool lights into water  so that you could know how our pool lights behave, and ensure if this pool lights are worth your buying. After all, good quality products have never been afraid of being tested. If you have no our company address, please click contact us, and get our company address.

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