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Fully resin filled technology

Clean LED light panel

There are tin beads and flux splashing, what's more, also dirty on the light panel in the process of welding light belt. So we should do some cleaning before resin filled. Generally, we use environmental CBCA(Circuit Board Cleaning Agent) for cleaning.However, we have to do some research about CBCA,so that we can make sure whether CBCA matches paste we're using.Because different CBCA have different effects on paste. 

Fix pool LED lights in the irrigation fixture 

please pay attention to the flatness of pool LED lights. Because if LED light is not flat, glue is inhomogeneous after resin filled.

Use machine to drip out glue 

pay attention to the pressure and the amount of glue, while the speed of the machine must be adjusted to the appropriate, or glue is inhomogeneous on the light. Generally after the first good debugging, it is necessary to record the pressure, the amount of plastic and the machine moving speed. Next time, your work will be very effective.


After resin filled, glue curing costs 24 hours in natural condition ,, if glue is thicker, the time will be longer. But if use baking, the time can reduce to 6-8 hours. Temperature of the oven should control below 80°when you use baking.Generally, 60 °is ok.


After baking, you should do performance testing and visual inspection, and make sure whether there are dirty or burr on the light panel. Don't touch LED light with your hand directly. Please wear plastic gloves to prevent the hands of perspiration and dirt stained LED lights with the sealant, affecting the appearance.

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